From the age of 9 up to 12 I had classical organ lessons and by the time I was 21 I decided to become a musical autodidact. Two years later I joined an unnamed rockband in Delft. This was for only five months, because I was too busy studying electrical engineering. In 1991 I moved to Breda and took a run to found a brand new band, better known as Cliffhanger.

As some of you people may know, Clifhanger started early 1992 with five members including a female singer. There where many changes until May 1993. But when I met Gijs Koopman I knew I'd finally found my musical image, which was a great relief. Not much later Rinie Huigen and Hans Boonk joined the band to complete a brand new Cliffhanger. Up to 1998 we really ran our legs off, composing music, doing gigs and recording albums. We made 4 albums en 4 demo's in 5 years and to top that, we all had jobs. It really was all a bit to much for me in the end. I didn't love 'my baby' anymore because of musical differences. I left and took a short break.

Early 1998 Gijs left Cliffhanger and we founded Android together with some new musicians. A break-up became a fact in November the same year. Cliffhanger's resurrection was in 1999 and the line-up was unchanged. We recorded 'Getting the picture', composed by Merel van Spankeren who was Cliffhanger's singer in 1992. Later on, in September 2000, the album Circle was recorded. New differences of opinion killed Cliffhanger definitely in May 2001 and I felt like Sysyphus. A new plan was bred in my mind: The next project should be done my way, but still accessible to good compositions and suggestions by others. I started with Gijs and Hans late 2001. As we seem to be patented for soaps, Rinie joined the club as well. In February 2002 another guitarist, named Mark Vermeule, was interested in the project. To my opinion his contribution was very deserving. Relaxed by nature, in contrary to his guitar playing and composition "Never Mind". This NoVoX project was completed in February 2004.

For many years some of the best unreleased Cliffhanger recorded material remained untouched. This was an eyesore to me, so in the summer of 2010 I decided to master the best recordings for release. One multicamera video recording, two studio and six live audio recording were chosen to be released on one dual layer DVD.  This way Cliffhanger could offer the best deal with the best quality.