Unlike the other members of the band I began playing my instrument at the age of twenty-four. It was in 1992 when, together with some good friends of mine, I formed the band Dedication. We started out just for fun and neither of us knew how to play an instrument. I bought my first bass guitar and started rehearsing, listening to CD's from Yes, Rush and King Crimson. Dedication covered songs of these bands. Soon I developed my own techniques and melodic style of playing the bass guitar. Because my friends couldn't learn playing the instruments as fast as I did, my desire to find musicians who could grew stronger every day.

At the beginning of 1993 I placed an advertisement in SI Magazine and got in contact with Dick Heijboer. And so ten months after touching a guitar for the first time, I joined Cliffhanger. For a while I tried to play in both bands, but soon it was clear that Cliffhanger took up all of my time. I have really enjoyed composing new material and working out ideas with the other members of the band. Unfortunately after three albums Cliffhanger split-up for the first time in 1997. 1998 I wanted to form a new band called “Andoid” together with Dick Heijboer. We wanted to return to our “progressive roots”. After several personal changes in the period ‘98/’99, original drummer Hans came back. We decided to rename the band’s name into Cliffhanger again. A few weeks later, Rinie made his comeback as front man. I was very pleased that Cliffhanger was complete again in the original line-up again. We started to work on the next album called “Circle”.

Unfortunately, Cliffhanger split up for the second time in 2001. Nevertheless the flame continued burning because Dick started the Novox project. For over a period of 3 years we worked together again. In the meanwhile, I became a member of Knight Area.

In 2010 Dick contacted me about a monstrous project to release a CD box with various live gigs (which had been recorded throughout the years 1993-2001), all demo’s en out takes. Finally we decided to put all the material on one double layer DVD so we were able to offer it for a very low price. All music is in full CD quality!

When I first heard the masters sent by Dick, I was blown away by the energy we produced these days. This DVD must be considered as a document. To me personally, it is.

I hope everyone will enjoy this huge piece of music!