At the age of six I became aware of my feeling for rhythm. While I was wrecking my mother's "pots and pans" my brothers accompanied me on their guitars. Later I thought it was a better idea to replace mother's things with bongos. A strong desire to play real drums kept haunting me.
After playing on someone else's drums together with a friend of mine, I was glad to get my own second-hand drum-kit. (A "Beverly" by "Premier") For a short time I took lessons and learned the techniques of playing jazz. Mainly I taught myself how to play drums.

My brothers listened to the music of bands like Genesis (my greatest inspiration), Yes, Rush and Marillion. When they were not at home, I used their records to play along with this music. Later I played in a schoolband and on another school (M.T.S.) in a fanfare. This fanfare went to France each year to do labour in small villages. And at night there was music and booze. (Lots of booze..... and lots of music of course) I have played in a lot of bands: big bands, jazz bands and entertainment bands.
My ex brother-in-law told me about a progressive rockband searching for a drummer. I decided to switch from all-round to a more specific style. Until this day I can't say I regret this choice. By the way, this band's name is.......