Ever since I was a young boy I had a fascination for music and performing on stage. At the age of fourteen I bought my first guitar and started learning the chords that make your fingers ace. As a matter a fact, it still hurts sometimes. That doesn't matter if you consider what joy music can bring you.

It is my opinion that music is all about one thing: feeling. Without feeling music becomes dull and meaningless. I sometimes say: "It doesn't matter what you do, it's how you do it". But that goes for a lot of things.

Before joining Cliffhanger in 1993, I played in several bands. My first band, The Scrapers, was more a group of friends than a band. What I liked most was playing my own compositions. The second band, Change Of Mind, was somewhat more professional and made music in the style of Simple Minds (Where are they now?). The third band, New Fantasy, was about making money. We played on weddings and that kind of stuff. Oh god!!! I still can't believe I did that for four years.
You can imagine my relief when I became Cliffhanger's new frontman, guitarist and vocalist. Making my own music again and composing new songs gave me back that "feeling". This was truly a challenge. After one year it was like a dream come true. We made our first CD "Cold Steel". This dream became a very bad dream when my father died on the last day we spent in the studio. For about one year the well had run dry and I only composed one song: "The Artist". And what a song that is! It took me nearly a year to translate my feelings about my father's death into music. This song is to be heard on our second album "Not to be or not to be".
On the album "Mirror Site" I felt freer than ever. I'm pleased to say that we are really satisfied with the result of one year hard work.
After the release of "Mirror Site" Dick Heijboer and Gijs Koopman left Cliffhanger to work out their ideas in a more progressive way. One year later Hans Boonk joined Dick and Gijs, and now I've decided to return as guitarist. Cliffhanger is alive again and all original members are back. This time there will be no limits!