July 2, 2013: 

The official release date of the re-release of "Cold Steel" (remastered + expanded) is today!

Order it at FREIA Music. THOR5CD



April 1, 2013:

 The re-release of "Cold Steel" (remastered + expanded) has been delayed until end of April / early May 2013..


March 9, 2013:

We proudly announce the re-release of "Cold Steel" (remastered + expanded).

Yesterday we signed the contract with Freia Music.

 It will be a twofold digipack with:

1) The remastered version of "Cold Steel" added with two extra live songs.
2) Cliffhanger Live at Studio Chateau, September 2nd 1994.

 The provisional release date is April 6th 2013 and the CD will be available at The Dutch Exposure Festival.

August 9, 2011:
Today is the release of Cliffhanger's live DVD 'DUG OUT ALIVE! 1993-2001'.
You can order this DVD only via our website. You can pay via PayPal or directly via bank account.
Please write an e-mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. for further details. 

June 4, 2011:
'DUG OUT ALIVE! 1993-2001' will be a dual layer DVD release on an unsigned label,
because this way Cliffhanger can offer the best deal for you with the best quality.
The audio quality will be PCM 48 kHz, 16 bits (a bit better than CD-quality).
Check out CliffhangerBandNL account on YouTube for samples.

December 30, 2010:

Cliffhanger's gig at Willem II, Den Bosch on December 17th 1994 is added on
Gijs' YouTube account. More gigs will be added..

The live CD-box 'DUG OUT ALIVE! 1993-2001' is expected mid 2011.
Theoretically this box will contain 8 CD's (after Musea's approval):

CD1: Cliffhanger Demo '93, Burning Alive! '95, Burning '97
CD2: Live at Chateau '94
CD3: Live at De Boerderij '95
CD4: Live at Chateau '96 - I
CD5: Live at Chateau '96 - II
CD6: Mirror Live '97
CD7: Mirror Live (lost part) '97
CD8: Live at De Tavenu '01
New versions of 'Views', 'Sunday Afternoon', 'Be my guest' are canceled

July 16, 2010:
Cliffhanger are working on a CD-box called 'Dug up alive! 1993-2011'.
This box will contain:

- Cliffhanger demo 1993
- Burning Alive! 1995
- Live at De Boerderij 1995
- Live at Chateau 1996
- Mirror Live 1997
- Live at De Tavenu 2001
- New versions of 'Views', 'Sunday Afternoon', 'Be my guest' (NoVoX) 2010/2011.

The release is expected mid 2011.


July 22, 2001:

Due to serious differences between some members of Cliffhanger, they all have decided to end their Cliffhanger career unfortunately. Even after their second new beginning there had to be an end. The Circle has ended.

Cliffhanger were:

Hans Boonk on drums,
Dick Heijboer on keyboards,
Rinie Huigen on guitar and vocals,
Gijs Koopman on bass and bass pedals.


May 13, 2001:
Thanks to Schymy for his hospitality! Unfortunately very few visitors came to his pub and because of that it was a private concert for him :-) We enjoyed it all. Next time all you Germans should come to visit our gigs instead of lying on the beach in Zeeland and drinking beer :-))


April 24, 2001:
Pictures of the gig at Het Kasteel in Alphen a.d. Rijn are available at images.


April 8, 2001:
Pictures of the gig at De Tavenu in Waalwijk are available at images. We are looking forward to the gig in Germany in May !


March 7, 2001:
Pictures of the gig at Spirit of 66 in Verviers (B) are available at images.


March 3, 2001:
Very special thanks to all the Belgium fans in Verviers!! You were great :-)
Cliffhanger is currently working on three new songs: Be my guest (last song we played in Spirit of 66), Chemistry of the mind and Sunset on a sad horizon.

There's an option for a gig in Germany on May 12, 2001 at Schymy's Pub, Moers-Kapellen (D).


February 22, 2001:
Circle will be released on March 9, 2001.


January 31, 2001:
Cliffhanger will perform live on stage on the 24th of February in Spirit of 66, Verviers (B) and on the 24th of March in Tavenu, Waalwijk. It seems 'Circle' will be released next month.

November 25, 2000:

'Circle' will be released by Musea and we expect it will be available in January 2001 !! Just check it out !


October 19, 2000:
Gijs and Peter-Paul HAVE DONE a great job ! :-) Rinie has edited all tracks now, so copies will be sent to several record companies.
There are new pictures added at 'pictures' to show you the atmosphere during the recordings.

September 25, 2000:

Recording "Circle" was a great experience, especially the Chateau jam !! This album really rocks and concerning Cliffhanger, this is truly a unique phenomenon. Hopefully Gijs, Peter-Paul and Raymond will do a good job during the mix in October !

September 12, 2000:

Cliffhanger will start recording their fifth album "Circle" at Chateau Studio within a few days (Sept. 18, 2000). We have planned to record to the basic tracks live in four days . Second Rinie will sing his throat out in two extra days. At last Gijs and Peter-Paul van Hest will mix the whole thing in three days. When and where "Circle" will be released is yet still unknown.

The tracklist will be the following: 

1. Limits
2. Autumn
3. November
4. Port (a voyage of the soul)
5. Gigolo
6. Moving in Circles
7. The Birthday Party
8. One Track Mind